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Today, cosmetic dentistry is more popular than ever, from whitening and shaping, to closing spaces and replacing teeth. Our dentists at Alegre Dental in Santa Barbara and Ventura, have a wide array of tools and techniques at our disposal of improving the look your smile.

  • Veneers

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Cosmetic Bonding

  • Lumineers

All of these procedures can be performed right in our Alegre dental office for your convenience.

Cosmetic Veneers
With the modern technology in today’s dentistry, white straight teeth can be accomplished in a few short visits. One way to do that is through veneers.

Veneers are a widely used cosmetic dental procedure in which our Alegre dentists place a covering over the outside (visible area) of the tooth. Veneers are usually only applied to teeth that will be visible when a patient is talking or smiling.

Veneers are placed on top of the tooth and is more of a cosmetic procedure for patients who want straighter or whiter teeth. A veneer is a thin ceramic or resign material that is bonded to the front of the tooth.

Teeth Whitening
Whitening your teeth is probably the easiest and quickest ways to enhance your smile and boost your self-confidence. There are several teeth whitening options available that can remove or reduce the signs of brown and yellow staining. With staining that occurs over the years from smoking, to red wine and coffee, you can make your smile bright and white in just a short amount of time.

The most effective teeth whitening procedures are available through your Alegre Dental cosmetic dentist. Zoom whitening is offered in all our offices which is a one-time procedure that can make your smile up to six shades whiter. Take home trays with gel can also help if you want to whiten at home. You can see results within weeks. Our Alegre Dental dentists can explain the pros and cons of each treatment available and determine the best teeth whitening alternative for you based on the severity of your staining.

Cosmetic Bonding
If you are unable to get the stains off your teeth and veneers are not an option for you, cosmetic bonding may be a good choice for you. It is great if you need things like:

  • Gaps in teeth

  • hard staining

  • chipped teeth

With bonding, your dentist is able to fix and repair individual teeth without having to remove or replace your current teeth. This procedure is quick and often does not require anesthetic.

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